Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Reviews and News

Hi Everyone

Sorry i have been quiet, i am so unbelievably busy i feel like am power walking everywhere lol!
Just wanted to quickly share a few things with you. I got a lot of positive reviews from the product giveaway i did back in February, i was so nervous sending my little gems ( that's what i call them) out so you can imagine how happy i was. I still have a few outstanding ones, so please check them out and spread the word. See the link below (what our customers say)

What our customers say.

There is a video too to upload by knaps but am having a few technical issues, will load it up later.

The other bit of news is that i have a friend who does hair, mainly protective styling and she is very very good. Please check out her website. She is a natural babe so is very knowledgeable about hair care. She has been doing my hair for the last 5 years!!! Visit her at Revamp by Chichi . She is in the UK, so please show her some love.

Have a fabulous week everyone and keep your curls healthy.

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